ASYNCWAVE SYSTEMS offer a full range of IT related outsourced services, with knowledge and expertise in numerous areas. We are a non profitable university based startup founded in 2018 with one purpose in mind: to deliver affordable and innovative software solutions for every business need.


Our Services

We offer wide variety of services for your business including
web development, content management systems etc. with high standard and quality.

Software Development

For all your software needs including standalone or distributed systems for managing your needs

Web Development

High quality development solutions for all your website needs and web applications to your enterprise.

Mobile Applications

User friendly cost effective Android applications for your technological needs including games and professional consulting.


We are all about creativity and innovation. We will address your problem with skill and to the point
to revolutionize your way of doing things.


We will come up with new and unexpected solutions for your obvious tech needs.


User friendly and never seen before approaches will enhance your productivity.


We will constatnly thrive for giving you the best experience.


Deliver efficient solutions using minimum available resources.

Our Portfolio

These are few of many works we did. As collaborative team we achieved much more.

Our Team

This is our highly skilled and innovative team, bound by mutual passion for pragmatic problem-solving.
We want to find simple solutions for complicated problems.

Nishan Chathuranga

Founder | Architect


Senior Mobile Developer

Mithila Chathuranga

Senior Web Developer

Contact With us

Unicersity of Moratuwa, Katubedda.

Phone: (+9471 3 871 805)